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About us


Brush Strokes online Gallery is a free online platform for artists. Our sole purpose is to promote and sell artwork.


We focus on emerging artists but do not turn away the established professional.


With that said, why are you here? Are you an artist or a collector, perhaps you are simply looking for art to hang in your office or maybe you are adding to your collection, perhaps you need to fill the walls of your hotel or maybe you want to sell your artwork worldwide?


Whatever your needs, can meet them. Working with Brush Strokes online Gallery means receiving a personal touch, we are committed to providing superior customer service ensuring that every purchase is a delight.  Our range of artwork is limited to keep things simple, while some online galleries may offer thousands of paintings there is a good chance that you will only view one-tenth of their total stock.


We work hard to provide a range of unique and one of a kind artwork to our consumers. We know that purchasing art can be a very personal experience and so, each sell is personal to us here at and we take pride in what we do for you every step of the way.


When you sell or purchase art with Brush Strokes online Gallery you can be sure that you are going to receive red-carpet treatment.

So why purchase Original artwork?


The artists that are selling their work with are not yet famous, the keywords are “Not Yet Famous”, so what a great opportunity to obtain an original work from a soon to be "Famous" artist while their work is still affordable.


Art says a lot about us as individuals and to own a unique original piece says you are one step ahead of the crowd. A trendsetter, progressive and a leader.


When you purchase an original piece of art there are no more to be made they are one of a kind. A print may be a representation of the original, but the value is by far lacking.


Once an artist sells a piece they create more, and this adds beauty to the world and provides art collectors an opportunity to show their support of their favorite artist by purchasing more of their art.


Let’s not forget the intrinsic value that art brings to society for it is the once original artworks of our past and present that show our social evolution revealing the nuances of the time, uncovering who we truly are or wish to be.



Brush Strokes Online Gallery is not limited to paintings; artists of all facets are welcome Sculptors, Painters, Woodworkers, Metalworkers, etc. allows artists to showcase their work without the worry of losing money through commissions. 


Brush Strokes Online Gallery is all about the artists and their audiences.


Even if you do not purchase let the artists know you like their work by clicking the heart icon next to their work. We are sure they will appreciate your support.




Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy your purchase for years to come.   


Why should you buy art from emerging artists

Purchasing Original Artwork from emerging artists is an investment, it not only adds value to your personal portfolio it helps to bring value to your community and the world. Art has the ability to unite people from all walks of life, creating universal harmony. When an artist's work is purchased she/he goes on to create more art which perpetuates that world harmony. Why wouldn't you want to be part of such a valuable piece of your community and the world?


 One of the toughest things to do as an artist is to get someone other than your friends and family to view your work much less buy it. 


Brush Strokes online art Gallery is committed to the advancement of visual arts, focusing on new and upcoming artists providing a platform for worldwide exposure.


Brush Strokes online Gallery is about artists and their works, from the beginner to the seasoned professional, while we appreciate the well-groomed professional there is nothing more important for the new kid on the block than being seen. For emerging artists, exposure opens the door to opportunity. The goal of Brush Strokes online Gallery is to open the door helping emerging artists move to that next level while providing established artists with an additional location to show their work. While offering a unique selection of original artwork for sale to the public.

Art Gallery, Online Art Gallery

The Beauty, Emotion and Joy that ones gift of creativity can bring to the world is something that is unmeasurable. 

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