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Artist Terms And Conditions




These rules apply to all artists showing their work on Brush Strokes Online Gallery (


Hereafter the term You shall mean the artist and We shall mean Brush Strokes Online Gallery (


Brush Strokes Online Gallery offers our service free to any artist of the minimum age of eighteen. Any artist showing their work with shall agree to the following terms and conditions to continue exhibiting their work on Brush Strokes Online Gallery.


The Release of Liability/Copyrights/Artist Responsibilities

 You as the seller assert that all work submitted by you are original and created by you thereby protected under copyright laws. We do not sell third party artwork all submissions must be yours solely.  By registering as an artist on you agree to assume responsibility for all information that you have provided to Brush Strokes Online Gallery, should the information that you have provided about yourself or artwork be false or misleading; you agree to release Brush Strokes Online Gallery of any liability. You as the seller of your work shall be responsible for proper packaging, handling cost and timely shipping. We offer free shipping to our customers so please calculate shipping into your listing price.



You agree to take part in any promotion or advertisement promoting the sales of artwork on, this shall not exceed a discount of more than 20 percent of the listed price. You agree to adhere to the listed price apart from discounts, promotions or negotiated price.



 Each artist is allowed a minimum of 3 pieces and a maximum of 25 pieces at any one time. All images must be clear and in one of the following formats Jpg, Jpeg or Png. You shall upload the following information at registration to complete your gallery page. Upload a brief biography, profile picture, artwork images, measurements of artwork, the medium used, title and price for each piece submitted. Upon receiving your submission an approval of your work, we will create a personal gallery for your work and place select pieces into the main gallery. All artwork is subject to approval before creating or being added to your gallery. If you have an existing website a link to your site can be added to the links page by request. This link, however, will not be connected to any artwork that you are showing on, thus clicking on an image of your artwork will not redirect viewers to your site.


  1. Note: All artwork will be listed in USD$ and shall be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar amount.



 By showing your artwork on you agree to provide the following information through registration solely for the purpose of completing sales transactions with Buyers. You agree to provide your full name, physical address, phone number, and valid email address. This information must be verifiable to move forward with your submission. All information obtained through registration will be used to verify and provide payment to you the artist. Any information provided to Brush Strokes Online Gallery will be secured and will be destroyed upon your departure from


  1. Note: Photo ID may be requested if unable to verify artists through provided information.



We will transfer payment to you through or Money wire transfer upon the receipt of payment from customer and confirmed shipment of order/orders. There will be a service charge of $1.35 for all wire transactions, please allow up to 3 weeks for payment processing. While it is not mandatory we do recommend that you obtain a free account for smoother payment transactions.


Availability/Return Policy/ Shipping Confirmation

 You agree to inform Brush Strokes Online Gallery of the availability of your work if selling prints or if the item has sold at a different gallery; if an item is sold it may remain in the main gallery but will be listed as an unavailable or sold piece in both your personal and main gallery.

You agree to provide a signed and completed Certificate of Authenticity with each artwork         (A downloadable  Certificate is provided at bottom of this document). You agree to adhere to the return policy put in place by Brush Strokes Online Gallery, return policy is listed at the end of this document and in the purchaser section of this document.  You agree to confirm the shipment of any purchase with Brush Strokes Online Gallery within 72 hours of the purchase date by providing the name of parcel service used and a valid tracking number. Payments will not be processed without a valid tracking number. We will confirm all shipments through purchaser and shipping service via tracking number. Failure to do so will delay payment and may result in the removal of your profile an artwork. We suggest the use of the following parcel companies to provide the most accurate shipping times, cost, packaging and tracking information. UPS, UPS International, DHL, DHL International, FedEx, FedEx International or USPS for U.S. shipments.


Exhibition/Agreement Release    

The length of time you are permitted to show your work on is not limited, if you have not had any sales and wish to remove your work please contact us and request removal of your work and profile. Should you wish to show your work in the future you will be required to re-register; otherwise, you have the right to terminate your agreement at any time by writing to  within 30 days of the date that you wish to have your gallery and work removed. While encourages all art, we reserve the right to decline any submissions of artwork that we may find to be offensive to the majority.


 Artist Return Policy

Sells of artwork valued at $5,000.00 or greater shall be considered all sales final and are not refundable.


 Buyers that wish to return an item must email within 48 hours of receipt of item/items and provide the reason for return request if the item is damaged clear pictures of damaged item and packaging must be provided. Buyers must return artwork using original packaging provided by the artist if the packaging is undamaged. Otherwise, All Buyers shall be responsible for obtaining proper packaging and the cost of shipping and handling of all returns. Buyers shall have a three-week period to return any item that has been approved for return. Upon receipt of approved return merchandise, a refund will be issued to Buyer through the original form of payment.  Any item returned damaged in transit because of improper packaging by Buyer will not receive a refund.  You the artist agree to the issuing of a full refund on any return of undamaged merchandise within 3 weeks of receipt by Buyer. You the artists agree to absorb any damages caused in transit during original shipment because of poor packaging on your part and will issue a full refund immediately. You the artist may request copies of photos of items that are damaged.


 Certificate of Authenticity

 Send completed  Certificate to the customer with each artwork purchase. 


Revised: 11/28/2018

Print Only Sells

 Artists that are only interested in selling their artwork as print only (print on demand) will specify on the registration form and agree to the following terms.

Brush Strokes online gallery will offer a number of print formats available for purchase through a third-party printing service.  This third party will be responsible for shipping and returns. will not be held responsible for any issues created by the third party dealing with shipping, merchandise or returns. Artists will receive payment for any merchandise sold within 14 business days via the preferred payment type indicated on the registration form. The profit received by the artist will follow these calculations.

Sale price minus printing fee and service charge= profit

Example: fee $11.95 + service $20.00 - sale $150.00 = Profit $118.05

A chart showing the print service fees will be provided to all artists selling print only artwork.

Brush Strokes online gallery fees will not exceed 20 percent of any art prints sold.

Artists are allowed to show a maximum of 50 prints and may request the removal of any images at any time through email: or phone: 1 (559) 724-2325  

Artist agrees to sales and promotion discount offers which may lower the original price by 5 percent. This will also lower the third-party service charge. reserves the right to remove artwork at its discretion and will provide the artist with advance notice.

Brush Strokes Online Gallery seeks to provide artists with a fair and profitable online marketing platform, if you have concerns or questions contact us, we are always happy to help.

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