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Giorgi Jamburia was born on 19 November 1992 in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. At the time, Georgia itself was just under 2 years old as an independent state. The autumn was grim and rainy, and shots were fired in central streets of the city, especially at night. Citizens were just trying out what they could do with this new independence.

Someone then had this idea to talk about politics with arms instead of words. Some thought the idea was awesome, the others did not, and that's exactly why they came along. My childhood was therefore in a partly smashed city, where the power was only a few hours a day. Honestly, I did not think it was bad at all. On the one hand, I had no idea that it could be different and on the other hand, I found the smell of these old gas lamps somehow cool. The school, however, was not that great, there were far too many boys who could play football better than me and I wanted to become a professional footballer.
At 12, I started to write, there was a creative writing course that the older son of my mother's girlfriend had taken and he just loved it so, my mother decided that I should try too. At the beginning I did not want to go, but then my mother somehow managed to persuade me. So, I started sitting there and dreaming. A little later I began to write.
At the age of 16 there was an exchange semester in Zurich, because German was the first foreign language in my school and because I was so good at it.  I was off to Switzerland.
Switzerland was great. I got to know myself better and many more nice people. Almost everyone thought it was funny that my name was Giorgi and I was from Georgia. When I came back I could not speak German so well because  I  now was speaking  Schwyzerdütsch and had a big bag full of obscure stories, which I gladly passed on.
I continued to attend the course in creative writing, until at some point I realized that there was no criticism from me in the course. I had somehow learned to write what everyone liked it with pure calculation. "Good for entertainment, but art is not". Then Ibroke off the course and stopped writing.
At 18 I completed school an at the same time also received a scholarship from the DAAD to studying in Germany. One year at the College of Studies in Heidelberg, then Berlin. A new home that feels more real than the real one. Studied German Philology and Philosophy at the Free University. Everyone I know has asked me at least once what I'm going to do with it in the future. I try to give everyone a new answer. From
taxi driving to university teach. At the same time, an intensive self-study of Berlin's nightlife and founding an online magazine about electronic music and club culture. So far the only one in Georgian language.
And now in the UdK. I still  have no idea what life is about. But I can say these few things with certainty. The world is not perfect. The economic system that defines our lives is pretty shitty and you cannot do anything about it. I do not want to meet the expectations of
my parents and take up an academic career, waiting for the weekend or working dubious odd jobs for the bread, passing the time with intoxicants and swing the whole life between beautiful illusions and harsh everyday life.
It took me some time to say what I really wanted to do. For real, of course if you do not include football watching.

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