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How do I place an order

Step 1  Click the thumbnail or the image to enter the artwork’s page. From here, you can add it to your shopping cart by clicking the Add To Cart tab at the top right of the artwork's page.

purchase page media.png

Before adding the artwork to your shopping cart, you’ll have the opportunity to view the work in a Magnified view by running your mouse over the image to view texture and detail.

purchase page step 2

Step 2 - From here your mini shopping cart will open if you would like to purchase the artwork click View Cart. You will be taken to your shopping cart page. To continue shopping close mini shopping cart and you will return to the product page. Once you are ready to purchase follow step 3.

purchase page step 3

Step 3 - From here you will be able to view your cart. At this point, you may remove any unwanted items from your cart and enter promotional codes. (selecting checkout type) By selecting  Paypal you will have the opportunity to apply for financing for high dollar items. 

If you prefer to use regular checkout Paypal may still be used to make your purchase. All other major credit cards are accepted

Step 4 - Once you have chosen your checkout type you will be taken to the purchaser's information page to complete billing and shipping form.

Shipping is free. (Unless stated for the individual art profile )

Tax is included in the total price.

Step 5 - Before completing your order you will have a final chance to review all items before submitting.


You will receive a confirmation message when your order has been successfully completed. 

View Purchase Terms for information on tracking and returns

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