Original Painting

48" x 48"

Oil on Canvas

Between Worlds

$2,265.21 Regular Price
$1,812.17Sale Price

Between Worlds is a 48 x 48 x1.5 inches art nouveau style large oil painting of a stag and three deer in a Sussex bluebell wood with a lake and trees behind. This painting was inspired by walking through a lot of spring woods and spotting a lot of deer in them - especially during April and May in England. It is called between the worlds as the deer sometimes seem to me to stand between the physical and the material worlds. A group of white deer and a stag stand to the left in a woodland glade blinking in and out of existence. The colors match bluebells and other woodland flowers and the trees are bright green as they are in springtime. To the right, there is a lake in the clearing and the hint of another path through the forest beyond. The idea I was trying to capture is the elusive nature of deer and of the bluebell season. One minute deer are there watching you, the next they flash their white behind's at you and disappear. I love to see the seasons reflected in English woodland and like to capture a glimpse of April in particular. This is a very large canvas and does not need a frame. The edges are white and it is ready to hang. 

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