Original painting

31" x 31" or

39" x 39"

Medium Mixed


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In French the term is (magnifique) that's what you call the Pop Art of Moa Daliendog.

Moa's CA$H-CA$H series presents a pop and cinema universe with intense andvibrant colors. The artist working on photographic portraits of the biggesticons, such as Madonna, Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot, braids a trulyunique chromatic pattern. He is a genius in the use of textures, on whichromantic lights and exquisite shadows of lace are used to enrich theimages. It is by using his scanner and printer, as well as his finishingtechnique that he named 'melatapatapeinture', that he tries to crystallizehis model within a colorful universe full of effects of matter.It's a clever mix of digital, and an excellent mix of talent that gives MoaDaliendog's works a close touch to the painting. An unprecedentedreinterpretation of the polychrome "flat" father of Pop Art, Andy Warhol.

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