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Teresa Lakier

Teresa Lakier was born in South Africa, and currently living in Los Angeles, Teresa received a Bachelor of Arts for Art at California State University at Northridge and studied at the California Institute of Art, Westlake. She plays an active role in the communicative arts by illustrating/writing poetic anthologies, self-awareness manuals and other books. She has exhibited her art and received awards. Whimsical and geometric, her two styles envelop each other, through the crossover of disciplines, and thereby, culminate in a style that is uniquely her own. After becoming a professional artist, Teresa has exhibited at Bergamot Station in galleries: Secant/Sulkin, Beyond the Lines. She has also exhibited elsewhere, to name a few, Gallery 825, MOLAAA, LACDA and Wallspace LA. Teresa has won several awards in various juried shows in California. Some of which include: MD Art gallery, Phantom Galleries, West Hollywood Pop-up Gallery, and VIVA. Teresa is working on a large body of work, all the while progressing in her use of abstraction. Learning about the correlation of line, shape, form, perspective, and more, she challenges the viewer enough to affect them, confuse them enough for them to ask the question, and then again, challenges them to respond to what they see in front of them. She has collaborated with three different artists: Karen Kinney, Liz Duer, and Odenis Vitorelli over the past few years. Teresa is affiliated with and Hale Arts, as well as, several online galleries.

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